4 Steps to a Healthier Smile

You see them everywhere, when walking down the street, shopping at the grocery store and even while driving in your car. It happens the minute you make eye contact, you begin to smile and then it you see it; the corners of their mouth begin to raise, their lips begin to part and there it is…the most beautiful bright smile you have ever seen. How do they do it? How do they get their teeth so beautiful and white? Obtaining a healthier smile can be an achievable hobby for anyone.

Here are 4 tips everyone can follow for cleaner, brighter, healthier teeth:

• Brush, brush and brush
• Flossing is a must
• Good eating habits
• Regular dental cleaning

Time is Money

4 Steps to a Healthier Smile

Even when it comes to dental care, time is money. You may believe that because you brush every morning and evening you have good oral care, but that is not necessarily true. Experts say that you should be brushing at least 2-3 minutes twice a day for best teeth whitening care. If seems a little too much for you to remember, set a timer on your phone or brush to your favorite song; music always helps move things along. You will be happy you took the extra time, and so will your family dentist. When looking for excellent dental care, Springdale Dental Centre is one of the trusted family dentists in Brampton.

Flossing is a Must

4 Steps to a Healthier Smile

A quick brush and a little mouthwash just won’t cut it when it comes to good dental care. For the best teeth whitening smile, you must put in a little extra work; floss at least once, if not twice a day. There are many products to choose from to make flossing an easy task for everyone in the family. There are pre-threaded flossers, for those who are on the go or for children who need a little extra help. They also have glossed floss for an easier glide or even minted floss for those of you who like a little added flavor to your oral care. Ask your family dentist which product would work best for you and your family’s dental needs.

Healthy Eating for a Cleaner Smile

4 Steps to a Healthier Smile

I am sure you know the regular rules; no candy, gum or pop if you want a healthy smile. There are also some hidden culprits to teeth and gum decay that you don’t hear about too often. I was surprised when our family dentist told us that the all-natural fruit snacks we were feeding our children were causing them to have cavities. You either need to floss after you eat your gummy treat or cut it out of your diet all together. Another hidden culprit is acid: coffee, apples, apple juice, lemons, the list goes on and on. You may think that hot cup of tea or cold glass of water with lemon is innocent, but if not taken in moderation, it can do havoc to your smile.

Go Professional or Go Home

4 Steps to a Healthier Smile

If you are like most people, the dentist office is not your idea of an ideal way to spend your day. Although it is not top on the top of our fun to-do-list either, it is definitely on-top on our priority list. For best teeth whitening habits, regular teeth cleanings are must. Regular teeth cleaning rids your mouth of those nasty stains and allows your dentist to make sure you are cleaning your teeth effectively. If you are in search of great dental care and that jaw dropping smile; Contact the best dentist near you.

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