Get Restorative Treatments and Dental Services from Dental Office in Ontario

There are a number of fantastic treatment options available to you in the world of modern dentistry and dental office in Ontario; whether you are a first-timer or even a lifelong patient.

Crowns may cover damaged, cracked or chipped teeth and also restore teeth. When firmly cemented into place, they then extend to cup themselves over the portion of any tooth which lies at or above the gum line. Your dental office in Ontario will then match the color of the patient’s teeth to give him or her more natural look and feel overall. The method is fast and effective, proven to give great results for a lifetime.


Fillings are utilized with the most modern dental advancements. The exact placement of each composite allows the tooth to feel closer to its original stance. Modern technology employs composites of hard plastic that bonds – or fuse them micro-mechanically – to each tooth in order to hold it together in its rightful place. Amalgam fillings are no longer used but have been replaced with such plastics as many dentists believe that these fillings expand and contract themselves perfectly as needed with heat, cold and proper biting or clamping down. Amalgam technologies may produce teeth that are susceptible to multiple fractures simultaneously, containing mercury, a toxic element released from fillings.

Air Abrasion Alternatives

Air Abrasions employ fine powders called Aluminum Oxide under the air pressure to blast away small cavities in the teeth without requiring anesthetics or needles. Dental office in Ontario utilizes conservative treatment options in decay removal and avoids using needles or drills to conserve a healthier final tooth structure. Through using newer and more conservative options like Air Abrasions, the dentist may remove small cavities without removing solid, healthy enamel in each tooth. He or she may then place the needed white-colored fillings without using a needle.