mini putt in London

Mini Putt London Brings Family and Friends Together

There are a lot of 18-hole courses for Mini Putt in London (Ontario) area with diverse themes and play-through areas to challenge your putting skills.

You can choose a lot from the courses for mini putt in London where you can find a variety of children and adult golfing courses. You have a lot of different choices within the area and all you need to do is do a little research but we got some details for you to work on.

There are courses that have beautifully landscaped courses that feature well-maintained grass area, water areas throughout, and 18 holes of fun! Some also features indoor-outdoor seating in the club house cafe, which offers up beverages and snacks, hot and cold meals, and beer and wine.

There are some choices for mini putt in London that are unique and draw people to the park for the hand crafted wood fired pizza oven pies not to mention glow in the dark golf courses!

There are those who both have indoor and outdoor courses which are perfect for either a sunny day Sunday or a rainy day Saturday. Some have similar features of caves, waterfalls, and roaring mechanical dinosaurs in which to play through the 18-hole course and can even cater to children’s parties, and are open most days, seasonal hours, making them perfect for any occasion you could ever think off.

There are even courses that have a beer garden with nine holes to challenge you in a heated marquee. And if you look hard enough for one, you can definitely find a course that features a Polynesian fare and have barbecues on weekends. Who wouldn’t like finger-licking ribs every after swing you made?

Whatever your choice is, you can definitely find what fits you the best. Be it a simple laid back mini golf course with your family or a vibrant glow in the dark set-up for a Saturday night out with your closest friends. It is an activity you can do virtually any day.

image source: Portable Mini Putt

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