Planning Effective Team-Building Exercises and Group Events

Planning Effective Team-Building Exercises and Group Events

Team-building exercises and group events are powerful tools that can unite the group, develop their strengths and address their weaknesses. With this in mind, they should be well planned and executed strategically. The exercises have to have a concrete purpose that will increase productivity and harmony in the group.

In planning team building exercises, the most important consideration is to identify the challenges and obstacles that your team is facing. This is the first step which will help you decide what exercises to use to effectively help them overcome their obstacles.

Brainstorm with your higher officers what your team/group is currently experiencing. What are the problems in the organization? What can be done? How is the interaction going? Are the problems major or minor? How can we best address them with team building exercises? What are the current conflicts? Is there a need to get to know each other better? Is there teamwork, or is everyone only out for their own interests? Is there good or poor communication? Is there resistance to change and innovation? Is morale low?

There are hundreds of group events to choose from, addressing a wide variety of conflicts and issues. Some focus on improving communication, such as survival games. There are activities geared towards eliminating labeling or stereotyping, such as those which let the teams identify stereotype personality types of each other. Other exercises focus on building trust and interdependence, such as those which require players to rely on each other to win the game.

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