Tips on Finding the Best Dentist in your Area

Finding a dentist in Oakville is a decision you might want to give some thought, considering that you and your dentist will be lifelong partners in the fight to keep to your teeth and gums healthy. But where do you start?

According to the Canadian Dental Association, you can:

  • Ask recommendations from colleagues, friends, and family
  • Talk to your family doctor or pharmacist
  • If you’re moving to another province or city, ask a recommendation from your current dentist

These are good points to start with, but if you want more in-depth, practical advice, consider the following factors below.

  1. Check with the Canadian Dental Association and/or Ontario Dental Association

A reputable dentist in Oakville is most likely to be affiliated with the CDA and ODA. Both organizations help their members keep current with the latest information and standards in the world of dentistry, and also keep track of the number of dentist by province and city. If you’re looking for a dentist to a city you just moved in, you can easily use both sites’ built-in search engines to locate the nearest dentist to you. Both sites also make it easier to find dentists with specific specialties, like cosmetic dentistry.

  1. Check the Clinic’s Facilities and Dentist’s Personality

Great dentists provide a wide range of dental services made possible by the variety of facilities they have on offer. Besides providing general dental care, a great dentist’s office should have facilities specifically for home car and emergency care.

A reliable dentist starts with a comprehensive dental exam, followed by a medical assessment and evaluation. Your dentist should then proceed with a recommended plan of treatment, ensuring that the patient knows every step of the treatment process. Because most patients will typically have several concerns at this point, you should be able to talk to your dentist about whatever worries you might have. You should be comfortable when speaking with your dentist, and if you feel like his chair side manner and facilities leave you wanting, you might have to look elsewhere. Remember, your dentist will be checking your mouth and teeth for a long time—you want someone you can trust.

  1. Continuing Education and Training

As part of keeping their skills up to date, dentists are required to continue their education and training through a series of Continuing Education classes. This allows dentists to know the latest standards in dental care, new dental techniques, new dental materials, and more. The really good dentist go beyond basic CDE, going the extra mile with special training and courses to enhance their skills and widen their breadth of knowledge in dentistry.

  1. Infection Control Standards

Reputable dentists know the importance of following strict infection control and sterilization standards. After all, one small mistake is all it takes for a typical root canal to grow into a full-blown bacterial infection.

To prevent scenarios like this, a good dentist in Oakvillei and his crew should carefully sterilize all dental equipment after each checkup and procedure. Dentists, dental technicians, and assistants should wear gloves, masks, and have a sterile working environment, from the dental table, chair, and other facilities to be used.

  1. Check the Dentist’s Skill

A dentist’s level of skill often serves as the lynchpin of the quality of his work and facilities. The best way to check for a dentist’s skill? Check for recommendations and ask for before and after pictures of his work. Some dentist’s, even if they’re working with basic equipment and have only a basic degree in dentistry can do better work with dentists boasting of certificates and fancier equipment.

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