Tips to prepare you to start firing up those firewood

The temperature outside is beginning to drop so that many will begin to spend more time inside. When those cold nights begin to approach, you want to stay nice and toasty, especially when you live in Richmond Hill, Canada. Now it is the time to start getting firewood for your fireplace. If you are uncertain on what kind of firewood to purchase, follow these six tips and prepare to sip your hot chocolate by the fireplace.

Ask Questions about the Firewood

Tips to prepare you to start firing up those firewoodThere are many companies that are selling firewood in Richmond Hill. When you are going around town looking for the best wood, make sure to ask many questions on the different types of wood. Firewood burns the best when it is well season. The wood must be dried to consider to be season. Ash wood dries easily. Oakwood is great to burn, but it takes awhile for it to dry. It should be noted that wood also dries much faster when it is quickly cut to the last length. So when you see people selling firewood in Richmond Hill, be sure to ask what kind of firewood that they are selling.

Always go in Person

You should always purchase your firewood in person, never order wood from over the phone or the internet. You want to be purchased the firewood in person because you want to be able to inspect the wood yourself. It would be wise to bring along a tape measure so that you will be able to check the piece and length and pile size.

Measure your fireplaceTips to prepare you to start firing up those firewood

Measure and take a picture of your fireplace. When you purchase some firewood, you want to make certain that the wood you buy pieces are split small enough. If you are still not able to tell if the splits are cut small enough, you can always ask the worker help.

Do not purchase wood from the side of the road

It could be tempted if you see some firewood on the side on the road with a sign that reads firewood for sale. You never want to purchase firewood from a random person on the road. It is more than likely that the person have no clue on what is good firewood. They main purpose is just getting your money, and they would probably sell you wood at a higher cost than what it is worth.

Ask friends and family

Friends and family can also be a huge help. You may have someone in your circle that knows what the best firewood is, and they probably can give you tips on where to find firewood for sale.

Get it early

You can also purchase firewood during the spring or summer season, and stack it in your yard or garage. That way by the time it comes to use it, it will be well season, and you will not have to worry about going in the crowds looking for some firewood to buy.

Hopefully, you have found some of these tips useful, and you will begin to start firing up those firewood.

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